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 Welcome to My Poetry Site-ALL SEASONS VERSE

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All Season's Tales, a tale for every season. All season's Verse, Sonja Carnes​ Alternative Haunting (Part 1) Near the Mississippi River, stood A very old Mansion. It stood empty for 100+ years, it was believed to be Haunted, finally, the property was overtaken by weeds And a shadow loomed over the home day or night. A Family Cemetery in the very last five acres of the Estate. The Cemetery was very well kept! A line of Southern Magnolia trees were on the front entrance of the Cemetery, A few Dogwood trees near the Cast Iron fence. As my Family venture, the grounds the air carried fragrantly The Smell of the Magnolias. There was a lot of work to be done Repairs from top to bottom. Two months of cleaning, repairs made It possible to live in. The part of the family that were carpenters Stayed day and night. On the third night, was a night that will Not be forgotten, as the mist and fog of the nearby river moved Across the land, and the bumps of the night became horrific.....( To be continued) Alternative Haunting (Part 2) A night was enclosed with the heavy mist and fog. The mist surrounding the Mansion was much like the Ghost of the night, drifting over the windows and doors Crossing the doorways floating across the floors. Suddenly the floors started to tremble, the air was thick as I remember. The tools that were by the door were tossed in all directions The hammer was carried up the staircase, just the hammer in midair, In Midair? Floating upwards without a care! In the shadows of the hall stood an image of horse, as I walked near it grew clear a Stallion with no fear! He looked me in the eyes, I thought this was the end or the start Of my demise. I was wrong he spoke of a war that took his Master, of A Time when life was full hardship and disaster! My mind was a little shaken, so I pinched myself to awaken! But, darn that hurt, I was awake and now very shaken! The Ghost of a Civil War horse was standing before me, I was really Quite taken! I put aside the fact this horse was a ghost and asked him why he was inside the house, of course! Seems like a newborn his mother died and the Master kept him alive, it was the best he could do so he tried. Suddenly the house rattled and shook the hats and coats flew off the hooks! Dust and plaster everywhere the floor began to tear! ( to be continued, more to follow in part three) Alternative Haunting (Part 3) From the tear in the floor sprung a man and his mare and much more! Silence filled the Mansion from top to bottom, so peaceful Like the first fallen leaf of Autumn. The man made a promise long ago, he will keep that promise today, As he steps down from his Mare she begins to neigh. He continues to stare, with a genuine care. He walks to the Stallion and gently strokes his face, then the horse Seen his face, his long lost Master returns, his loving ways was soft as a fresh butter churn!!! "I promised both of you, there would be the day you see one Another!" So the Mare and Stallion held their heads up high, looked into Each other's eyes, horse tears are so hard to dry. The Master wiped the water from their eyes. "In the end, we all became free!  No war at all! My brother is no longer My enemy, or I his foe, they stand on the stairway to Heaven, I must go!" Our numbered days were so few! I kept my promise to the horses I raised Now there is an endless ground to graze." The look of all three was a look to amaze! A light filled the Mansion as the son and mother left through the Door, to graze in green pastures forever more! The Master was no longer the master but their trusted friend! The light-filled Mansion glowed near and far, so bright like a kiss of a star! All shadows were lifted and disappeared, and the premises were no longer feared! A peace settles near the Great Mississippi River's flow, a place Where the sun will show!( so ends the story of the Alternative  Haunting A peaceful ending after years of taunting! If anything in this story is true; The truth of love lives on! Long after all else is Gone) Dedicated to my Grandchildren, love always.

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Welcome to my Poetry Site! I enjoy poetry, it is a part of my everyday life. I've many children, all grown now, 5 sons 1 daughter. 13 Grandchildren  A wonderful Husband of 37 Years+. I love to read poetry, and am very  Into some of Williams Shakespeare's plays! I'm approaching my golden Years with a nurturing heartwarming love of this art! 

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