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 Welcome to authorandpoetladygray   


Book RELEASE Jan. 2007: White Holly, a Spirited Yuletide Tale Children's spirited Yuletide tale w/black & white illustrations. ** GREAT BOOK FOR GRANDPARENTS & PARENTS TO READ TO THE CHILDREN ** A heartwarming story of a young Papa and his growing family whom live deep in the woods in a log cabin in 1900. A snowstorm has struck turning a journey into necessity, a campfire with a Jolly Ole Soul, magical berry trees, an extraordinary reindeer flight, a miracle birth in icicle light and the gift of giving. Both enchanting and endearing, this seasonal tale is sure to leave a harmonious tear and lasting memories. A hopeful 2018 release - Boenicinarian ... An 1100 year old avenging Lady Vampyr (Phopyragon) Knight, who searches thru time and the ages for the clan that murdered her husband and son; violating, mutilating and leaving her to perish. Near death, a mysterious clan of misfits from the woods, rescues her and gives her a new life, one of a darken immortality to avenge those lost to shadow. Her final goal, to kill the last clan member who is a creature like her own and with his blood she can resurrect her son (Dragon), Bocala to the life he was ment to live.  Note: What is a Phopyragon? Part Phoenix, part Vampyr, part Dragon ...  This story is for ADULTS only. A tale of ... Gore, Bloodshed, Erotica, Beasts, Battles, a touch of romance and mythical. A work of Historical Horror Fiction 2019 - Where Darken Wings Prevail, Adult book w/photography. A compilation of my Poetry, Prose and Short tales. Read the poems on this site that will be included in the upcoming book. 2020 - Isle of Dragons, a Trilogy Adult book w/illustrations. This Dragon Trilogy has been created as the 2ND trilogy to my 1st - Crystal Oubliette which has been in production for over 26 years. Isle of Dragons is about a Dragon high born of ancestral nobility, who will become the King of Dragons. His brotherhood will turn against him when an evil villain called Greed comes to their Isle wreaking havic and causing mayhem to their kingdom. The King of Kings will marry a Siren of the sea and in the end, become faced with his own mortality ... KILL OR BE KILLED. His wife who is considered a Siren/Mermaid type creature (who rides a great Manta Ray) will in her end, be granted another life. She will be born human. In a time like our present day, on the brink of a nuclear holocaust and WW III to end all life, she will give her life to save her kind ... before her sacrafice, her brother injects her with arachnid (Widow Queen) DNA to create a host of  monsterous soldiers to take over the world. His scientists are also given the injection. Alpha and Omega ... the beginning and the end comes to earth ... with few survivors. A new earth begins ... Those that survived are her brother, who is considered a Dark Black Widow Warlord and his army of Widow Warriors. Others. Herself called DINHCARA (arachnid spelled backwards), the White Widow Queen, a Maven (someone who is knowlegedable of a subject) who becomes judge and jury of the diseased minded cutthroat criminals. When sentenced is passed, the cutthroats are taken to a horseshoe area beginning at the gates of the White Forest of No Return. A forest of willow trees covered in snow. There they are given one last night by a camp fire. Just before dawn, when the night is still dark ... death comes in the form of eight legged man sized beasties; to bring them to the brink of ruin.  The 1st trilogy, Crystal Oubliette, began as a single poem with the idea of "An eye for an eye". And as a suggestion, from my then typist in 1991, to turn it in to a novelette. I decided a Trilogy was best for this in depth, delicious tale, as a short description is given below. It is in a futuristic time, from the ashes of Earth Omega, a new world will be created, one where technology is banished, where the old age of Chivalry & Honor instilled again, Sword & Strength in battles, Wizards & Queens rule. Truly it is a story of family, brother & sister, a Maven, a Spider Queen, battles for the throne, a kingdom dark and deep, a winter land of creatures and an infamous creed. A story of the gallows and to the death of the wickedness within. Note: it is in poetic form. Possible 2020/21 Crystal Oubliette, a Trilogy

 About The Author:    -- Writers keep all copyrights.    

I, Poetess and Authoress, LadyGray was born a Californian on May 23, 1965. Living most of my childhood in the woods of Quechee, Vermont was enchanting, memorable and inspirational. In 1975, I moved with my family to the city life in Northern Virginia. I have crafted enchanting poems, humorous prose and delightfully dark stories for over twenty-five years. My peers have described me as a wordsmith, continuing to captivate the reader by enticing them to explore further into my imaginary realm. Since 1995, my creative and unique poetic storyteller style of writing has earned this poetess various awards as well as critical claim from my peers such as: "FULL OF PASSION" and "POWERFUL STATEMENTS," "BEAUTIFUL and SPELL BOUNDING," and "TRULY A MISTRESS OF WORDS." After reading a personalized copy of my yuletide tale White Holly; my family, friends and co-workers have given rave reviews, calling it an "ENCHANTING and WONDERFUL TALE." Interesting notes about my life: I lived in a community named Sleepy Hollow (Falls Church, VA) and attended Sleepy Hollow Elementary. Our house at that time, was located on Crane Drive. I attended Edgar Allan Poe Middle School in the late 70's which seemed fitting, while I wrote late in the evenings and often by candle light, perusing the elements of future poetic storytelling. My creativity flowed within my macabre imagination where the poetry and short stories came together in words of teller symmetry. My daughter, Shawny, was born December 13th, 1990, a week before the 100th anniversary of Wounded Knee. My daughter is named after the Indian tribe Shawnee, the first Americans as I see it. I once was in a rock band called StepChild. The lead guitarist (Ed) and I (lead vocals) both were stepchildren. He was a Marine out of the Gulf War. My Author Inspirations are: Shakespeare, Arthur Rimbaud, Edgar A. Poe, Anne Rice, Stephen King, Dr. Seuss, H.P. Lovecraft, C.S. Lewis, Robert Burns and my mentor - J.R.R. Tolkien. My Pastimes, Leisure and Fancies are: Writing, playing guitar, theater and movies - I prefer period pieces, Rock & Celtic concerts, spiritual decadence, renaissance festivals, the great outdoors (prefer fall & winter), sword play, archery and mischief. I am thrilled by all history and anything futuristic. This eccentric poetess storyteller is fascinated by the weird-strange-unusual realms of Gothic, fantasy, and medieval lore. I have been known to wander through graveyards, to frolic through forests and escape to the tides of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. I believe in Mother Earth and all her glory and wrath. I respect her wisdom and understand her calling. She commands all elements of nature: space and beyond, the sea, the land, the beasts and the human creatures.

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