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nothing much happening really! working more hours in my job, I'm writing short stories, painting, life is busy Life gets you bored or it gets you in such a twirl there is too much to write about! LOL News is something always to check out. Some days different, but most days, can be pretty much the same!

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Well I suppose one needs to put down a few words about who I am. After all isn't that how we get to know each other? Not just reading between the lines of the poems written, because as I've been told I don't always write about me! I was born April 1962. (Aries) to those who wish to know!) I've two children, Lyndsay and Mike and a grandson, Scott. I enjoy painting, sketching and anything artistic, when the mood takes me. Gathering up a collection of pictures, which according to my friends is wasted stuck in a drawer in my bedroom! Oh well! Hate anything to do with sports,(effort) but did take up scuba diving, Overcame my fear of water, and got into the kit, did some training and got down to a depth of 11.9 metres, which believe me was a big day for me! Unfortunately I spooked myself on one of the training exercises, well quite a few actually! It seemed everytime I went into the water something happened. I took that as a sign from above that I'm not meant to be underwater, so caved into my fear and stopped. Learnt how to ballroom dance and latin american dance and achieved a few medals, which I'm proud of! I started writing poetry back in 2003 when a dear friend of mine challenged me to write. She'd sent a poem into a competition. I told her I'd not written poetry in my life, other than what was enforced at school, her reply was well now is the time to start! She asked me to have a go, so I did, and haven't really stopped since.... I owe an awful lot to her! Must remember to thank her (again) next time we get together! LOL but seriously this writing has been a cleansing, cathartic time, it has given me a lot of frustration,tears,laughter and hilarity too! I've met a few great people along the way too, which is an added bonus! so that is a little of me! hope it gives you an insight! I look forward to reading any feedback you may feel the desire to leave! Hope you enjoy your visit And please bookmark this page Jayc My dragon name is Caete the Ash Creator (Black Dragon).Take Dragon Name Generator today!Created with Rum and Monkey's Name Generator Generator.

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