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NEWS Thank you all for Reading my poems on Facebook, poetizer link and my friends on watsapp,email and twitter. Its a privallage to be a poetry writer whom people peruse 2017 am planing to write floodroom,custom and philosophy. I stated off with a prose and currently I want to keep my eye  On "TRENDING TOPICS" Am planning to publish a book coming era And perhaps you can still look out for my App which talk about my poetry and even the poetry Audios And  my pictures to those who don't know me Let's keep on liking,commenting and sharing with friends  Across the globe. CONTACT THE POET EMAIL:        charleshoby@gmail.com FACEBOOK:  charlez Hoby TWITTER:    @charles_Hoby YOU TUBE:charles Hoby MORE INFO:http://charleshoby.simplesite.com Thank you in advance!!!

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ABOUT Am a young poet from South Africa who elicit poetry deep from heart My passion for poetry is inspired by Art and the essence of nature. The poems I write mostly narrate about love and life in general I am an artist because my Hobbie's are rap,poetry and drawing PRINCE OF WHALES The phrase above is the name of the book I want to write The book is about showing every individual that everyone can be great And everything is possible because of the purpose why we are born The little time we spend on earth is crucial.My spare time is invested in writting and reading poetry of the poets across the world.Am inspired by William Shakespere's writting. ACHIEVEMENT I am feat in EVERGREEN POETRY JOURNAL and the book is 16$ but in S.A is R222.95 for order alert me on guestbook and also in "ENGLAND POETRY ANTHOLOGY" which cost 19$ for shiping to be reserved by everyone in any country. Reading poems with a picture in your mind can contribute to your understanding "Help a seed from Africa grow your fruits that may produce the juice that may run Down your chin then you lick it with your tongue"                                             CONTACT THE POET EMAIL:           charleshoby@gmail.com TWITTER:      http://@charles_Hoby FACEBOOK:      http://Charlez Hoby MORE INFO:http://charleshoby.simplesite.com THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!!!

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