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Hello there. Just a little about myself. My name is Colin Moffett and I live in the beautiful country of N. Ireland. My home is near the village of Portglenone in Co Antrim; famous for its green glens and the breathtaking scenery along its winding coast road lapped by the mighty Atlantic Ocean. I have been married to my lovely wife Marlene for thirty years and have two grown up sons; Steven and Gregory. We live in a house in the countryside where I spend a lot of time in the garden. I have been saved for over forty years and the Lord has been a constant companion and friend all that time. My talent for poetry was developed at primary school and I wrote my first poem sitting in the English class. Sure surprised my teacher that day! The poem was about the springtime. I remember my first Christian poem was published in the local newspaper. Still have a copy of it. I only wrote poems off and on until I was convicted by the Lord to use my one talent more for Him. I found an outlet for them recently in a Sunday morning gospel programme on a local radio station. I was also fortune enough to get one of my poems "CRIMSON TIDE" recorded as a gospel song. After two years my time at the radio station has finished but God has opened up another door for me through this website. I am thankful to Karen and Shirley (they know who they are!) for all the help they have given me in this enterprise. I look to the Lord to lead me further. Have not told you my age because my wife Marlene is as old as I am. Our birthdays are only one day apart. So you see; if you knew my age you would know Marlene's; and you know what women are like about people knowing that!! So that is enough about me. If you were ever talking to the wife; she could tell you more; but we will not go into that! Thank you for taking time to read this and I hope you enjoy my poetry and the lovely music Shirley has put on for me. Please sign my guest book. Also fill in your email address in box provided below to receive my monthly newsletter. I will look forward to hearing from you. God bless. Colin Fill out your e-mail address to receive my monthly newsletter! Subscribe Unsubscribe Hosting by YMLP.com

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