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In this day there is real and lasting treasure. Somewhere in the circumstances, the people, the moments, the experiences of today there is a unique and valuable gem that can bring much richness to your life. If you set out with the goal of just getting through today, you'll likely pass that treasure by without even seeing it. If you spend your energy on anger, envy, worry or gloominess, your eyes will be blinded to the goodness and value that could otherwise be yours. For today is a day when you can make positive, creative and beautiful things happen, if you will. Today is a day when you can add much meaning and substance to your world, if you choose. Like precious diamonds that are hidden beneath the ground, the most valuable treasures of this day are not immediately evident. Yet the more love, creativity and effort you put into life on this day, the more real value you will uncover. The most valuable treasures won't be found in those things from which you attempt to take. The real treasures will be in those things to which you give the best of who you are. Choose now to do more than simply get through this day. Choose to discover and to live its richest treasures. love dave...

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