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life is not by chance, You are that life, Eternal not by definition, not by name,not by form, But by nature. I wish you joy in seeing On your journey home...denis

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Hi....The majority of my poems are pointing towards a new way of seeing in terms of how we commonly regard reality and our place in this magnificent universe. The new way of seeing is not really new but overlooked, ancient and eternal. This seeing or presence one could say is prior to any experience, it is the space out of which all existence is manifesting..in essence it is who you are,prior to the body,to mind,to an emotion and to thoughts... The thinker which is what we currently take as our identity is also preciveable which places the seeing of that in the hot seat.. Is there a seer that is seeing? What is possible to be discovered,remember which is not new,is that no seer can be found as a separate entity yet seeing still remains. .. When you come to observing,you will find that the observer is also observable....anything that can be observed cannot be who you Ultimately are due to the presence of seeing!! When everything seen is not "I" who or what can you be? I invite you to be adventurous and to discover a great joy.. May you rejoice in seeing:-) Thank you for taking the time Enjoy Denis.

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