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SultryRose's Signatures The path of time is a journey we lead, Along the road there's a few thing we need, A heart to share someone to care, Friends to stand by us when sorrow we bare, but most of all felt deep within, we all need the love the light to shine in. Hi all I know have my own web sites where you can place poetry one is for all and one is for 18s only please feel free to come and look if you like them also feel free to join best wishes Brian. http://groups.msn.com/POETSDREAMSINTERTWINED/_tools.msnw http://groups.msn.com/Sensualsouls/_whatsnew.msnw

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SultryRose's Signatures I am 45 years of age, married with three young boys. I live in the UK in the heart of Surrey about 17 miles from London. When I have time I write. My main aim is to publish my books in hard back world wide. I would also like some day to write story books about fiction, mystical and magical worlds. My work is based on reality and fiction, sometimes imagination. I look at the world around myself then try to imagine what life would be like for me in other peoples situations. If you enjoy my work please leave your feedback as it will help me to discover which is the best form of writing to follow. Feel free to sign my guest book as it would also be nice to know where in the world people who read my poems come from. Thanks to you all Brian.

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