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So after about 8 years of neither writing nor contributing anything I rediscovered this a couple of days ago and started to feel a strong urge to get back on the game.  I currently started working on some new stuff and it will be intersting so see how it'll turn out. I'm quite eager to explore the differences between a 15-16 year old kind of "teenage angst"- ish me and his more grown up version.  But please, do me a favor and be gentle for after so many years of not writing I'm pretty confident, that there needs to be some serious regain of abilities that will hopefully develop over the next couple of weeks.  Also my English got a little rusty from not speaking it regularily over a couple of years so hints on mistakes will be highly appreciated.  As always enjoy and leave me some feedback/ comments.  Yours, Keule

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So I thought I'll leave this ob for sentimental reasons. Nothing really changed, my name ist still the same, my age obviously not and I live somewhere else now but who really cares about that stuff anyway, right? My Name is Keule and I am 15 years old. I live in Riesa, Germany, and I was staying in Vernon, BC, Canada, from summer 2005 until summer 2006. I am writing poetry since 2003. I have some 300 poems in German but I don't think they are worth posting because the majority of you guys wouldn't understand them anyways. Writing and playing the guitar are the two things that dictate my life. I feel miserable with just being able to do one thing but being not able to do both would make me go insane. But anyways, I hope, you'll enjoy this little poetry page as much as I do and hopefully you will get as much out of my poems as possible. Farewell, Keule A little note: Please stop trying to convince me to join religios groups or to become a true Cristian or Muslim or whatever, it won't work and it starts to get really annoying.

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