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 Welcome to leafingthroughtheyesterdays   

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 Leafing Through The Yesterdays

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Awarded The Editors Choice Award For Outstanding Achievement in Poetry For January 2005 Presented By. Poetry.com and the International Library of Poetry ************************** elected Poet of the Month of April 2005 in the group Parkmans Poetry Place a wonderful group *********** Received Viewers Choice Awards For My poems Awaken Once More Miss me,But then let me go What he has meant to me Up so late at night A time to sat goodbye As I turn and walk away Taking Chances Remember the tears in my eyes For Endless Time Memories of you Just the right words to say My Little Family Please don't tell Lipstick Kisses If you take a Chance If your Listening To be Loved by you Tears upon my cheeks and others **************** Latest news 11-1-2006 The release of Jean marie Boudreau"s first book A book of poetry Titled Leafing Through the Yesterdays Jean Marie Boudreau

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I created this site for a place to Post and share my Poems with those who might be interested in my work. It means so much to me when I get to read others opinions of my poems. I am especially happy when I am told how much I have touched someones heart, or captured in my poem something they have needed to read and how it relates to their own life. If I can make one person Smile or give them some words that leave them inspired or thinking I am a happy person....Please enjoy my poems they are dedicated to everyone of you who reads them...God Bless All of you! With Love in my heart. Jean Marie Boudreau aka Capturedwings

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