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 The great depression

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In 2009 I decided to take part in the wrolds finest fighting force and from that everydya I develop into the man I'm pretty sure my mother wanted me to be.

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Hello,I'm 23, I'm a male. I live a tough life, but always respect the others. I'm independent. I use to write on a regular bases but now with work, school, and becoming a man in this world there seems to be less time to do the little things. I have written many poems, I started writing when I was 7 and still write when the mood is right. Through all of my life struggles i've been able to turn to poetry for comfort.I been through ups and downs, smiles and frowns. I am a product of a pimp and one of his many women, I have jumped around from foster home to foster home, I have been beaten, sexually abused, bruised, and left with permenant scars internal and external. Many say if this truly happened you wouldn't be able to speak on it, well after 16 years of counseling and therapy sessions I can finally speak aloud about my past because of it I am stronger than the average person. Our past molds us but it does not prevent us from making a change for the better.

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