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We just started our site. Please check back often for changes.

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We just started our site. Please check back often for changes. The Love of my true soul-mate, my friend, the heart & soul of me Mr. Gerald Edward Levert, is what brought me to writing because I needed a way to deal with all the pain my heart & soul is experiencing. Without Gerald my life, my world can never be the same. For me G was and forever will be my EVERYTHING for an eternity. Not sure if all that I write is poetry but it is what is in my heart. God brought me to this also because I couldn't form my words without his guidance. "A PLACE OF HOME: WHERE THERE IS ALWAYS AN OPEN ARM TO LOVE & INSPIRATION" Ms.Gloria Newsome Assistant CEO GMC Management With ability to communicate effectively without a whole heap of palaver, is the norm for Gloria Newsome Music Business mind extraordinaire. This top-shelf facilitator based in Cleveland has so many ethereal qualities that make her the x-factor in any occasion. First and foremost, her ability to read a situation properly and respond accordingly makes her unquestionably one of the sharpest minds you never heard of. And if you have heard of her, then you know of her unprecedented ability to command respect through communication to the point she could make hardcore rappers apologize for portraying females as female dogs. Equally, she could be a hostage negotiator or crisis counselor. Interestingly, Gloria's first foray into the Entertainment Industry came at the 1994 Winter Music Conference in Miami as the U.S. delegate for a European entertainment company: Wave Entertainment. Although, initially overwhelmed, her recovery skills, and her morphing ability to meld into the existing fabric to shine like a diamond is reflective of a malleable, conductive mind. To wit, she did as she does; she has totally immersed herself in learning the music business with a wide-angle approach - narrowing focus as time went along. And being the inquisitive/Nosey-Parker that she is, she looked for inspiration from the streets to the cosmos, bearing in mind the infinite variations in-between. Naturally, before long she was outlaying concepts to Wave from all spheres of life, which led to her being Vice-President of Black-Eye Records, an urban music offshoot of Wave Entertainment. To her credit, even when personnel reorganization was in the offing at Wave a few years later, Gloria was high on the retention life & like Google she had the skills to survive the bust-up. After the eventual decline of Independent Record Companies in Europe, Gloria parlayed her independent music business into helping a young America upstart: Rival Records. Subsequently, because of her personal savvy, business acumen, and her no-nonsense demeanor, she was instrumental in helping her young entrepreneur, Rival Records CEO Scott Campana re-launch 90s Gold Certified artists: Men At Large. This led to her being catapulted into Assistant CEO land, where she flourished despite being viewed as a threat. This happens when doers do while talkers talk. As things happen, the company stalled, Gloria was able to develop an amalgamation of skills that helped her launch her current business of Artist Management & Development, Music Business Consultancy, Event Planning and Promotions as Assistant CEO of GMC Management along with her partner & great friend 4 life Gerald McWilliams of Atlanta GA . Perhaps Gloria's nine-lives capacity to survive the foxhole is attributed to her objective listening skills. Most strikingly, her ability to field divergent questions and streamline them into one articulate thought is fantabulous. More brilliant than that is her ability to respond in kind to each foundational premise is remarkable. So much so, that if she were a politician & she would the rare believable one She is formidably consistent in so many endeavors that perhaps her greatest asset or benefit is her staying on a music launching pad that she has been idling for a long time. GMC Management Where The Artists Always Comes First Dazzleleria...Embellishment Designs by Gloria Looking for a new kind of Style for that old kind of look?........... Let Dazzleleria give you a new sense of style with a touch of Sparkle, by taking your favorite pair of plain jeans or plain garment to a new style limit. So if you are thinking about throwing out those old plain garments... Don't. Send them to Dazzleleria and give them a new dazzled, unique, one of kind high end look with quality accentuation's & embellishments.Dazzleleria is out to change the world & the way you look in it......... Designed for: Angie Stone & Charlie Wilson & many more because we design for Everyone, no matter the size! Contact: Gloria Newsome (Designer/Embellisher) biggredd11@roadrunner.com

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