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 Phil Smith's Poems, good and bad.

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I am an Australian living in Nth California. I enjoy watching Hawthorn play Aussie Rules, watching The A's, listening to Billy Thorpe, Gabriella Cilmi and Kate Ceberano. I also collect autographs and have them ranging from Desmond Tutu to Dermott Brereton to Fidel Castro. I will take your's if you want to send it, especially you, yeah you. I am a member of www.australiansabroad.com a home away from home for Aussies everywhere. I am a member of the Hawthorn Football Club. www.hawthornfc.com.au PROUD PASSIONATE and PAID UP!!! GO HAWKS!!! I am a regular lender at www.kiva.org which helps people in developing countries expand or start their businesses. It is the greatest idea and leaves a lot of other charities in their dust. Poetry people are thoughtful caring people, go to kiva and show you really do care. I have worked in many fields, married twice, raised three kids and after 46 years living in Australia I moved to California on the way to my second divorce. I have done a few things here and there and have found my Utopia on a 46 foot boat near San Francisco with a lady, a dog, a cat and a bird. Born and raised in Donald lived adulthood in Geelong. www.ozybstd.com

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