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In 2009 The poet Aldo Kraas wrote the  poems  Dead man's gun, that is my good nature, I rise , Amore, make peace, That Canadian moon, I am proud. What is done is done, So many feelings expressed in a poem, My blue heaven, The songs that you wrote for me, Gothic, The two , Believeagain, Roy, Give the people in the world a chance, Good and my friends are both part of my life , That song, something dark in me, Misty River, Abba, and sing me a song. In 200 while the poet Aldo Kraas he visited Brazil, he wrote Broken Glass.  Latter he wrote the poem Give this child what she needs, and the dark. In 2015 he wrote some new poemss. Tell me why and etc.

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Aldo Gabbay kraas was born in São Paulo Brazil on July 15th,1964.  He was born in Brazil and has since lived in Boston, Montreal and Toronto.  He has travelled extensevely Throughout Europe including Paris , Vienna, Zurich, Germany and Poland.  All of these beautiful places have inpacted Aldo's heart and created pictures of the world for him to hold...no doudbt an influence on his writing! In 1982, when Aldo was 18, he moved to Toronto with his mother.  He started to write Poetry on January 5th, 1996, the day his mother passed away from bone narrow cancer. Writing poetry for Aldo Kraas is therapeutic; he never misses a day.  It helps clear his mind; gives him hope; strengthens his relationship with God and aids in the healing process. All of Aldo's poems have different flavours; from love and death to friendship and the exploration of our dark sides.  Aldo's hope is that his poetry might benefit the hearts of his readers. English is Aldo's second language; his Native tongue being portuguese.  He has showcased his work at opem mic poetry evenings, poetry workshopsand had his work featured in short films.  His work is widely published and known on the internet and has been translated into 6 languages, including Arabic, Romanian, Vietnamese, Thai, Chinese and German Aldo have self published 3 books Fado, Home, Faces  

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