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******POETRY***** ((((( IS))))) MORE THAN (((((ART)))))) OF ((((((PAINTING)))))) PLEASE WELCOME OF THIS personalized webSITE!!!!! THIS WILL CATER YOUNG MINDS TO START ART-- the LOVE of POETRY.... To my beloved students in Filipino, you were all encouraged to EXPRESS YOUR SELF through poetry -- especially in FILIPINO VERSION, one way of appreciating our own literature-- ANG PANITIKANG FILIPINO SA PANULAAN.... Your work is BEST as long as you DID IT by your own. If you notice some copied work here from the other authors please report... you can comment and send FEEDBACK. @@@@@ @@@@@@STUDENTS belong SECTION AHSE1-E,GG,O,R,Q, EE, G,H, T,S,HH & DD were the POETS here!!!!!!!!!! (Note for my students: Please be reminded that your NEXT TASK is to translate YOUR WORK into ENGLISH and VISAYAN.....hmmmm..

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Here are some selected works of FILIPINO STUDENTS IN UC-BANILAD, CEBU CITY PHILIPPINES, AS AN OUTPUT OF THE TOPIC LESSON ON POETRY--IN FILIPINO... the host of this page try her best translates from Filipino Language to English to make it accessible to all...FILIPINO is the NATIONAL LANGUAGE in the Philippines and also as a subject in College Level.As a subject, topic includes poetry...so here students in nursing department in UC-Banilad campus were given a previledge to make their works known to the public. They were first year level in college.. A lot of thanks this site for it helps us to have more interest in poetry.... To all who care about this costumized site, please help us to improve by suggetion. Feedbacks are highly appreciated. THANKS... mvp.

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