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 Welcome to scottvinson   

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 Ethereal Moments The Poetry of Donavon Scott Vinson

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My books: Reflections On Life,Feelings of Love and Loss,and Joyous Visions and Ethereal Dreams,Ethereal Mists and Celestial Fire, Timeless Emotions, Ethereal Mists and Celestial Fire, Flames of the Heart: The Passionate Embrace of Love.Moonlit Serenade: A Collection of Poetry About Love and Life. Are available at major book stores and at www.publishamerica.com. amazon.com bordersbook.com amazon.com.uk I want to thank everyone for their support and encouragement. A special thank you goes out to Margaret Franklin,Phyllis Kingery and Cecelia San Diego for their inspiration. Thanks to all who gave me inspiration and feedback. Donavon Scott Vinson Am getting divorced as of August 1, 2012.

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Hi! I am Scott. Welcome to my website. I have been writing sporadically my entire life. In 1999, I took a literature course which reignited my passion for writing. As a result, I have jumped in full force! I have won several Editor's Choice Awards through poetry.com and am proud to say, have had 25 poems published through the International Library of Poets,and other publishers. I enjoy writing about all different subjects, but focus on the emotions of the heart - the pain and sorrow of love. I receive much of my inspiration from a beautiful woman in my life. You will also see that I dabble a bit with the dark side. I have recently branched out in my writing, covering some subjects which I've never attempted to write about. I hope that you enjoy my journey into these uncharted waters. I hope you enjoy my work. Please feel free to provide me feedback. I would love to know what you think. My wife is divorcing me over little things that can be fixed. Isn't that pathetic? Love is a precious thing indeed,and is most missed when it goes astray. D.S.Vinson

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