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I got tympanoplasty ear surgery in 2009 when I was 27.  I had perforated eardrums so I had trouble hearing most of my life.  It is amazing to hear so well! I feel reborn. Check out my poem (My ears hear, My heart feels) about this subject. I welcome any kind feedback and comments.  I have plenty more poems to add when I get the chance.  I am currently serious about love relationships and tend to write about it. Sincerely, Ghita

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Ghita was adopted from South India by an American couple at the age of 8. She was raised in Iowa and California. Ghita is 36 years old now and living in Fairfield, Iowa with her 12-year old son. Hobbies: Reading, Writing, cooking, swimming and playing the piano. She started writing at the age of 13. Inspired by nature, people, cultures, and her own feelings about life. Rain storms are her favorite times to just relax and do some automatic writing. The best thing in the world is having a few good friends in times of trouble. they mean more to me than anything else.  My message to the world is "Give hope to those who have none." To heal a broken heart is to give life. Sincerely,Ghita Life is very challenging without love. I try to edit this info every two years.  last updated 2019

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