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Stranded on Earth following accidental jettisoning of Life Support Cradle from passing star ship; landed in the Hallowed Kingdom of Yorkshire and tended and cared for by two devoted parents and family. Stumbled through life in a series of great leaps backwards, quite often drunk, but mainly happy. Met and rapidly married mate for life before she could see sense and escape. Continued, much to the detriment of my family, with great leaps backwards (the only thing I was ever good at), though this time sober. Contributed to the gene pool with two amazing sons, and now contemplating the remainder of life with quiet contentment. Have been quietly, drunk and sober, writing poetry from the age of seven, thus embarrassing my otherwise delightful wife and offspring Have no fears, other than that space ship may return and find me. Until then feel it my sacred duty to lampoon life, and the universe in general though not necessarly in that order of preference. Have and still do have great joy from my fellow poets. Having wonderful fun as an occaisional peformance poet.   Thank you Earthlings.

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