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like the sight of the sun  on the ocean  or the smell of a rose  in the wind  a charm like the spell  of a potion  the crashing of rivers  last bend  like the beauty in rising  each new day  or the view from a  monntains peak  the star that shines through  the gray  the calmness that nature  can keep  like the colors that stream  thru a rainbow  or the deph of the  oceans grey blue  and what will come  of tomorrow  one more good look at you 

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seasons change By tammy soleno, www.PoetryPoem.com/tammysoleno    Unlock all Features - Upgrade to Poetry Prime Days are short and nights are long  Bluebirds no longer sing their songs  Though winter seems so dark and gloomy  The sounds of spring again are groovy  Then once again the nights grow short  And daylight hours return once more  A waiting for spring to beckon  And all the creation will be awaken  The sun and moon, the stars and skies  I look around and realize  The wonderful earth that god made  And all of his plans well lay  The flowers bloom neath skies of blue  The trees spread colors of every hue  And no matter where  Mother Nature blossoms with care- 

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