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 Welcome to thedragonsden   

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 One shade from the light

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My name is Shawn and I love to read and write poetry. I got lost for awhile, about 15yrs and I lost allot of the things I loved. Some how I found my way back through the fog and I found some of the things I lost.One of those things was a little bag of poetry I wrote 20yrs ago. A little time after that I found this site and I thought what the hell I'll put some of these poems on the site and see what other people think of them. When I started to get feedback it encouraged me to try and write again. That's when I truly found what I lost 20yrs ago. Thank you to anyone who reads my poems and takes the time to really tell me what they think. My dream is that one day I can publish some of these poems in a book and what the hell well we're dreaming I'd like to do it for a living or a least get paid a few bucks. Like that's ever going to happen any way I plan to continue to write regardless simply for the love of doing so but I would like to get better at it and I know I can do that with your help so please let me know what you think.

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