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I am currently working on developing the eight chapter in my first fictional novel. The Window Boy ( Arran's Magic Kingdom) After having almost two years of writers block, I am now happy to say back on track with my character profiling and theme of my novel. I have begun to develop some concept ink drawings, to coincidence with the story's continuous development.

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My name is Kaiden G. Stone I am a 50 year old writer and artist. I would like to eventually publish a full collection of all my poetry. And I also hope I'll finish writing my fictional novel. I am a avid reader and read all kinds of books, whether there are fictional, or cultural. My favorite authors are Clive Barker, Dean R Koontz. I am currently reading The Roswell Conspiracy, written By : Boyd Morrison, and I'm also reading How to Understand The Mind, written by Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, the former Kadampa Buddhist director I am a Kadampa Buddhist practitioner by faith, so read a lot of Buddhist books As well as been of poetry, I am also an artist and photographer, and some times combine all three mediums in the cause of art. I am also writing my first fictional novel.

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