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This site was established in 2002. Since then I have put just a few selected poems here. Most of these poems were submitted to the International Society of Poets, Washington DC. USA, for the World Championship. They were all nominated as finalist. But, since I live in Islamabad, Pakistan. Going to the USA is some thing that will happen some where in the future. A publisher from Allahabad, India has shown interest in publishing my book on poems. This offer has put me in a dilemma. First all my poems and write-ups are inspired, therefore I don't believe I have any copyrights on them. Since I have also learnt from them. They (poems) are 'a trust' from the Almighty. Also I was born in the sub Continental of Asia so the people of this area(Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh) should never have to pay for a gift given to them through me. So, Till then (I am inspired to any thing else), this site will have to be the platform for my humble inspirations. Please check back often for changes. Please note, there are just a few poems on this site. But this selected few if read indepth can be a major awareness builder. Life is beautiful but its true beauty lies in the depth of feelings / understandings. I have tried to express / capture that depth. How sucessful I have been only you can say. Your feed back will be appreciated. Thank you. Bookmark this page. Click on "Poetry" to your left to read my poems. Click on "News" to read the latest about my poetry and site. Click on "About Us" for more information about me. Thank You For Visiting!

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My name is Alfred Ernest Pate Sr. the 2nd .  I am a Hybrid (since I can claim 3 of the 5 working titles in Asia) born in Asia (1955) at a time when the Hybrids were the main stay of civilization is Asia. I was born in the city of poets (in those days, not any more) Hyderabad, Sindhi, Pakistan. In fact the country I live in (Pakistan) is the perceptions of a poet (Allama Iqbal).   A poet is born with an insight that in not given to ordinary people. It is a direct gift from God. Ordinary people have to study, to get an insight to selected segments of this world. There are 3, three levels in real poetry. First, the physical (emotional) level. Second the soul (cultural)level and the Third the Spiritual (conceptual) level.  We (the poets) are the “the jump gates into hyper space” Men are evolving, proverbs says "that as iron sharpens iron, so humans sharpen humans. This is called evolution. It is happening with all of us, but Poets are given the visions that give mankind a jump start. This is indeed a great privilege, but it comes with a greater responsibility and bears an even greater penalty if one doesn't do the best with talent and resources given.   Real poetry will touch the core (a caress) of your heart or slap you (an awaking) or strike you like a bolt of lighting (awareness)

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