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Mt God is my happiness.Glory be to Him forever. Only by the grace of God I exist today And I take it one day at a time. I try to add videos of other artists to reflect on life From their perspective on life To compare with my life and my poetry Their music many times relaxes me. And yet also reflects on my existence So therefore it's all about striving hard from a point of persistence To make it through each day Sometimes to me all this world has to offer Is vanity Yet Jesus Christ gives me true happiness. Given an opportunity that I have Sometimes there is time to have and to pass Only by God's mercy Then a blessing from God, creativity comes And the hope and love for God Results in words of incouragement Being myself encouraged and therefore expressed In a beautiful verseful way Only with God I have everlasting joy,love,hope As I await that redemption day When happiness will remain forever And all sadness will pass away, Jesus Christ is the Savior of my soul, He is my Lord and my God forevermore... Sincerely Mark V. Markov

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Mark V. Markov Aka Artist Celestial Eternity, All of my Poetry comes from the heart and mind of my soul. I'm searching for truth and hope. And if you can't tell. I also love the facts of life When I see this beautiful heaven that is above. A relationship of God with us inspires me to write. To write words of relationship between God and Mankind. Also what makes me to be inspired is the beauty in all life. It helps me to create words and use poetry to exist with some kind of purpose, Because what is life without true beauty anyways, right? Of course it could be even more better If life was always beautiful with it's true nature. Overall true beauty in everyhting positive Is what I long for to inspire me. Also nature scenery or creativity of the mind Such as surroundings of beautiful inovation and creativity, Balanced with cosmopolitan architecture, I guess anything really beautiful inspires me to write, Anything that is really beautiful helps me to grow and mature But what more inspires me in this life Is just looking at the true beauty True beauty that exists in everything, Some is hidden and some is exposed. Or the beauty of diligent respectful actions, Attitude towards others Is a special gift some have, while others ignore Yet not everyone is a Saint I do find some people with extreme arrogant attitudes Towards anything that looks a little weak or inferior to them, Let us respect and love each other for the better of our own future. God bless you all!

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