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It is my pleasure to host Sunday Sontage, an open and supportive literary salon which meets the fourth Sunday of each month at 7PM at the wonderful Bluestocking Bookstore on Fifth Avenue in Hillcrest in San Diego.  We are a small groups of regulars but new faces are always welcome. The group has deep roots in literary San Diego. It is the continuation of the poetry group which met at the legendary Blue Door Bookstore for years before the Blue Door ended an era and closed it's doors.  For Sontage, bring your own work, poetry or prose, your favorite author or just come and listen.   The fourth Monday of most months, my Common Table group meets in my home, again, new faces are welcome. Please read the Feast of the Common Table at, and, if it interests you, contact me at .   The Feast of the Common Table is both a spiritual practice and a support group. On the second through last Sunday of each month, I host the Unitarian Universalist Christian Study Group in room 321 at 1 PM at the Frist UU Congregation of San Diego.  We are a community of non-creedal Jesus followers in the tradtion of Unitarian Universalism.  We study all aspects of humanity's relgious and spirtual tradtions that this light may shine more brightly in our own lives and the world.  You can visit our FaceBook page at  UU Christian Study Group San Diego.  I would also recommend the FaceBook page UU Living Prayer Web.   

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My name is Curran Jeffery. I wait tables and make poems in San Diego. Poems are like people- There are billions of them in the world- Some of them bore you Some of them offend you Some of them delight you With some-you fall in love Others you avoid And a few you carry in your heart- I hope this collection will do all the above...

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