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Womens Global Justice Organization&nbsp CHECK OUT MY NEW BOOK COVER   SPECIAL DESIGN   BY  TIM BRADSDHAW    Dee Francis  newest publication and   LIFETIME achievement Stars In Our Hearts Library of Congress ISBN: 978-1-60880-123-7 Dear Darlene, Every year we have thousands of poems sent to us. And most people want to see their biggest dream ... to finally see their work published! Unfortunately, we can only choose a limited number of poems to include in our book, Stars in Our Hearts. In fact, less than 2 out of every 100 poems we review ever ap pear in print! What I’m trying to say is that you should be very proud your poem made the cut! Stars In Our Hearts Library of Congress ISBN: 978-1-60880-123-7

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I am a professional writer of publication/ publisher / .    Student.  I am a huge activist that cares for the concerns of children, animals, and the environment. .   Specialties I specialize in/writing-poetry Rocker Knocker  GIRL - Manager /  fundraiser  author  

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