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 Grandeur Of Melancholy

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Here is the news page, as of now I try to keep up with this website along with two others. My AllPoetry site and my My Poetic Side site I am added, editing the poems to create the best experience possible for new or returning readers. There will be alot done; construction on old poems and posting drafts. Making new poems, as I  move into 2023.  Enjoy! Recent News ~~~~~~~~~~ New Poems edits 8/7/22 Blackness (revised) Final Mjoir Deplete becomes Final Djinni Deplete (revised) The Amber Ones (revised) 8/30/22 Wordsword changed into The Division Of Those (revised) The Clockwize Factor has a few more lines added to it  11/5/22 Demons Don't Kill They Steal (revised)  Apparition Zeta-43 (revised)  The Clockwize Factor (revised)  All The Dolls All The Needles (revised) In Stone It Was Carved (revised) The Slime Equality (revised) The Sun Knew Wise (revised) Sorrow's Last Page (revised) Super Seeded (revised) Oh Sleeper (revised) Opposite Reaction (revised) Memorial To Our Memories (revised) 11/6/22 Random Anger (revised) A Teenage Suicide (revised) Gargamessiah (revised) Warden Of Leaves (revised) Chainmail Armada (revised) Thankless Winds  (revised) Abnormality (revised) Keepsake For The Hell (revised) Sky Rest Above The Ebony Fields (revised) Pantheon Shadow (revised) Harlot Of Life (revised) In My Heart  (revised) Mutopian Nebularium (one stanza) The Croon (revised) Affixing Dawns (revised) I (revised) Skulls (revised) The Amber Ones (revised) Parachute World  (revised) Mud Kept Slander Fields (revised) Bethroned The Crowd (revised) Final Djinni Deplete (revised) Avaliance (revised) Bridging The Infinite (revised) Somewhere Better (revised) Sorrow's Last Page (revised; again) Mirror Me  (revised) Yesterday's Ghosts (revised) Love (revised) Star Guide Me (revised) The Raven Chair (revised) The Fountain Flooded -Godrest- (revised) Delila Of North (revised) You Are Poison To The Trees (revised) System Of Knots (revised) Armory XII (revised) The Fallen (revised) A World Savaged (revised) To The Bone (revised) Facade (revised) Sol Forsaken (revised) A Coin In Phrase (revised) Eyes For God (revised) The Diary Of Melodrama (revised) Blackness (revised) For A Not So Lonely World With Lonely People ---> Just  Skies Fall (revised) Black Box (revised) Opposite Reaction (revised) Snowflake Symmetry (revised) Painted On (revised) With Lips Sown Shut And Eyes Wide Open (revised) Lost To Time (revised) Roman Guard (revised) Haunting Yours (revised) Not So Cool News (revised) Spinning Around Our Finger (revised) Renew (revised) Hanging Pictures (revised) Thirsty Drink (revised) Things As They Are (revised) Built Up From Nothing (revised) The Black Omnicrescent into The Smog Ambience Utopia Dawn (revised) 11/7/22 World (revised) Everyone's A Clown Into Don't Bring Nobody In  A Different Shade Of Black (revised) Demon Doors (revised) My Voice Was Silenced (revised) The Smiling Curse (revised) The Future Trek To The Past (revised) 11/23/22 The Going Offs (new poem) Screams (finally posted; revised) A Coin In Phrase (revised) Blackness (revised) A Different Shade Of Black ---> A Different Shade Of White (revised) Dragon's Scale (revised) Race (revised) The Silence Is Violent (revised) Bethroned The Crowd (revised) The Division Of Those (revised) In My Heart (revised) Skulls (revised) 12/27/22 As If (revised) Quasi Nepharim  ---> Quasi Nephilim (revised) Ghost Trails (revised) Sorrow Mirrored (revised) As A Broken Whole (revised) Abscene Theorem ---> Absence Theorem (revised) Algarhythm ---> Algorithm (revised) 1/27/23 Cynical In Every View (New!) Zero Reverence (revised) Afterglow (revised) 2/24/23 Only Yesterday (revised) 3/5/23 Making Music (revised)

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Grandeur Of Melancholy is for me, a secret spot where I wish you can read some of my poetry. To escape from the madness, or the phobias, how we get  to explain what is unexplainable without the conspiracy behind them. Find yourself from the past you like and not the one all out of whack. Something worked at, toiled. Something like a garden with plants. My name is Philip Daniel Cook I'm 35 years old. I have been writing for many years now. I really started when I was about 21 and have been at it since, I want to get better at this craft. And will keep honing in on making this place darker and brighter at the same time. I hope to create an oasis, a home away from home. A haven, a little secret clubhouse, a perfect little lilypad for a frog to go ribbit.

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