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*I wanted to extend a warm thank you to all at Poetrypoem. Throughout the years I have held this site and those of you who have stopped to read some of my poetry and leaving me a gift, your kind and heartfelt words. when I am feeling down I come here, sometimes re read the feedback I have received and cry almost in disbelief  and a sense of gratitude begins fills me. *

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Greetings from Injoyslife, I live by the ocean, I don't think I couldn't. something about those negitive ions that cleanse the soul. As far as my writing style, it's mostly free verse. I remember once when asking a family member if I could read them something I had written. When through the response was " How beautiful, did you write that? I would have never thought in a million years you could write something like that"! Haha Oh well, such is life.

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