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Hello and welcome ...My name is Jon...I originate from Liverpool in the UK ...For the last almost 40 years i have lived in North wales ...Were we have some beautiful country side I am only a few miles away from the Snowdonia National park ...I had never written so much as a lengthy letter until recently ..Now i just enjoy writing ...As you read more of my poetry you will find I write how I'm feeling at the time .... They can be ..romantic ...serious ....funny....true events in my life ..or just a giggle ...My aim is to try and get you to involve your selves in the poem ...guess i'm asking a lot ...ah long as you enjoy them ...i'm very happy .....ty all for your kind comments ...fondest thoughts to you ...jon

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My name is Jon Ed Fisher ....I started to write late on in my life...Quite by accident really a friend of mine made up a short story ....I replied to my friend with just a few lines ....eventually those few lines became a page ...then i decided to write a poem and found that i had found in myself an eagerness just to keep writing ...the pleasure i get I'm sure is only understood by those who too have a fascination to write ...I originate from Liverpool but now reside in St Asaph North Wales ..So there you are that's me

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