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Let others come to you and figure you out or not. .My poetry is  personal,  gritty to the bone. If it bothers you, maybe you have learned something? Or perhaps you've learned something about yourself. Keep an open mind and heart always when you can. Creating art and writing are essential to me, as essential as breathing. Note: all artwork is my own original watercolors.

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I make no mistakes when I'm writing, in that I say and write exactly what I mean to say.   My writing doesn't need to come with a disclaimer. Creativity doesn't and shouldn't. I'm not interested in pleasing everyone, all of the time. That is an implausibility. I think of writing in terms of this metaphor of a batting average...the greatest baseball players never batted 1000. Ted hit in the 400's. And the Babe BA was in the higher 300's. So there it is. If thirty-three percent of you find merit here, then I am doing alright. The other sixty-six percent would be me...and I am just fine with how I'm doing here. Thank you.

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