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 Poetry Within Reality; MoonlitMayhem's World

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I have recently started my site and I am trying to add more of my poetry as often as possible. Through feedback from others, you come to realize that not everbody will relate or particularily like all that you have written. But, the one's that say they have been there or understand what you are expressing, MAKE EVERYTHING WORTH WHILE!!! I am elated and inspired to continue writing, thanks to those who seem to somewhat understand me. I thank you! Please be sure to visit my site often for new changes, and I openly invite any e-mails. PLEASE SIGN MY GUESTBOOK (It is much appreciated) Forever, VICKI MOONLITMAYHEM

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Hello and thank you for being interested in my poetry. I have been writing poems for most of my life. Once I am able to include more, you will see various subjects. I have never shared my poems with anyone but friends throughout the years. I am very curious to know how others feel about them. I can deal with my feelings and the situations around me best, by writing about them. I am a single mom, and my life has mellowed out quite a bit. I had a lengthy dry spell for writing poems, but I always express what I am feeling in some form of artwork. Either it be drawing, painting or any other hobby I am involved in at the time. It is very important to me that all of my projects be expressive and personal. I have recently opened myself to poetry again, and have been organizing, and changing poems that I had previously written. I am ready to continue adding more poems to my lengthy collection. I am so elated to have found this poetry fantasyland online, and the chance to learn what is thought about my poems from the feedback of others. Thanks for stopping in! I appreciate your interest and can learn from any comments made. Please feel welcome to visit my site often. Thanks and Blessed Be; Vicki (MoonlitMayhem) I would appreciate you SIGNING MY GUESTBOOK!!!!!

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