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Here you will find some informative narratives and poetic entertainment by an urban born Philadelphian. Raised back in the old days before anyone was overly concerned with being politically correct. My writings reflect some of my life experiences and former lives lead. Others are not specifically about me but people or events that I know about. Being an autodidact my style is my own. I'm not in anyway influenced by so-called famous poets be they dead or alive. I follow no strict form or particular word scheme in my writing. I attempt to keep my writing focused upon the pulse of ameriKKKa, class, race & crime. You'll find short poems, prose, longer lyrical narratives and several lyrical essays. Many have a political, historical or sociological slant. You'll discover pieces on life, death and everything in between the two. I write about creation, romance, marriage and love. During my jahiliyah period prior to my Shahatain. As a former Combat Medic you'll discover aspects of military service, war and its aftermath etcetera. I am a Muslim, therefore, many are about belief in Allah, Islamic philosophy, epistemology and eschatology. I'm an old school Muslim of Yoruba, Djola African ancestry going back seven tracible generations to the ameriKKKan State of Virginia. So you will definitely find poems on racism, bigotry and the false concept of white supremacy. I have no hidden agenda here. I write about life as know it. I write about life as it is. Just a Muslim born in ameriKKKa trying to keep it real. My writing is plain and unambiguously clear. I make no apologies for what I write. If what I write rubs you the wrong way then stop reading and take flight. This is just an attempt to provide Urban reality based information through verse by a lone Black Muslim Man in ameriKKKa.

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