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 My heart, My soul, My life

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So I've been away for a long while, life got busy as life tends to do. I am married to my husband of almost 14 years, we have a son and daughter and 3 four-legged kids. I haven't written poetry in quite some time but I'm trying to get back to it because it was a part of me once and has still always been there going unexpressed. Hopefully soon I'll be adding some new work and revisiting some of my old ones. :-)

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Hello, my name is Nikole this is my page. I hope you enjoy my poetry, and please, if a poem has touched you, or you'd like to provide insight on it send feedback and sign my guest book, thanks for taking the time to read my poetry. I pour my heart and soul in to everything I write, I really hope you enjoy it!! I've been writing since I was 11 years old, and a few years later was told by an english teacher of mine that I had a great talent, so I've been writing ever since! I am a dedicated wife, and mom of 2 beautiful children. Thanks again for comming to my site, Nikole S. Reed

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