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The Silence of My Whisper By Albee Rodney As I whisper in the silence that’s embraced I hold on to serenity and wait in this place As my open heart reveals His love and grace Seeking direction in a world full of disgrace                                                                             Silence speaks louder than words can say A sphere of influence is within time and day As I look within shades of shadows and gray Life reflects and illuminates in a certain way   Sounds do not alert when He’s coming near He resides in my heart and calms my fears My heart is immersed with words and tears    Guided within the silence that I hold dear   Words cannot describe this crucial concession Faith can only drive the way to this progression Within the realm of love and many sessions Silence is my refuge as I wait for His impression                                           Day by day as I inhale the breath of His Life I’m marveled at the way He came to take my strife.     As my years get numbered and cut like bread with a knife The silence of my whisper will always be heard and rife      Copyright ©  2007 by House In The Sky Production                                                                                                          Albee Rodney  7/08/07

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