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 Images poeticly paint minds

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Hi I want to welcome you to my site. (Images Poetically Paint Minds) I give honest feedback and I don't mind hearing view points or corrective criticism. So please be honest and if I can give a pointer I will there are allot of great poets here at poetry that is why I made my site here. So feel free to sign my guest book and I hope to enrich or bring enjoyment from reading my poems as I do reading others. God bless you. E-mail me at You may write me with any questions or comments.send to Timothy E. New PO box 1561 Moriarty NM 87035 I look fore ward to hear from you. AS OF OCTOBER 2009 My book of poetry will available it's title "The Poetic Visions Of Timothy E. New" This book has a variety of some of my favorites it's 41 pages if interested contact by us mail Timothy E. New PO box 1561 Morarity,NM 87035

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Hello my name is Timothy E. New I just started my site of poetry for you to read and enjoy. We all may differ in opinions but can share ideas. Welcome to ( Images Poetically Paint Minds ) With respect I must state all my poems or writings I hold copyrights so please read enjoy but no stealing God bless. my poetry is featured at if you have the chance check this site out. my own series of chap books called (Thoughts of Mind); (Drifting Pens scribe);(Of Dust Poetic Images Rise) These I did completely on my own I would like a publisher to consider putting them out on the market I made and sold all I could make if you are interested in publishing them or would like one please let me know email Those who don't know me I am a master Carpenter by trade. A former martial art master I am a single parent I hope you enjoy my poety.

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