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 When the heart cries...

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Like a river that flows and is never the same, so this site will continue to change with the addition of new inspiration... I hope you enjoy what you read everytime you stop by...

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I was born in Belize, to a mother who was a housewife and a father who was a teacher. Both were 7th Day Adventist and my first recollection of stories is related to the bible stories they told me and which were repeated in sabbath school... As you can imagine, I attended an Adventist primary school & high school in Belize, and the Adventist College in Costa Rica. It was there, that I first began to show an interest in poetry... and you can imagine why... 'I was in love'... I am a dreamer... and I carry a thousand dreams in my heart... In the realm of dreams nothing is too far away, nothing is impossible... There is a kind of freedom in dreams, and a kind of joy beyond the reach of words to explore... Dreams lead to love... love leads to dreams... and eternity is born... Yes, I was born in a small tropical paradise, in a land protected by barrier reefs and blessed with wonders of nature... But that is just a point of reference, a fact, that cannot be changed. I am free like my dreams... I imagine a world of love... and a place where it is part of the air we breathe...

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