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 Rickerts Ramblings

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A few new poems out there for you to read. I try to add them as often as being a working husband and father of two active kids will allow :) I hope you enjoy.

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Much like this site, I am always under construction. Here's the scoop on me. I'm a systems analyst by trade (which is a fluffy way to say professional computer geek). As attractive as I know that is to the ladies (ha), you'll note that the source of most of my poetic inspiration is my lovely wife and two wonderful kids. They keep the words and ideas flowing. As for my poetry, you'll find that I'm a pretty structured guy...I tend to like, and write...poetry that has a definite rhyming pattern and meter. For me that translates into more time to write this stuff, but I get a sort of weird satisfaction out of saying something (and hopefully saying it well) within what seems like an otherwise arbitrary set of rules. I have a few examples of free thought that live outside those boundaries. And while I like them, I can't say they come easily. Yeah...I know...sort've the antithesis of free flowing poetic spirit, but...oh the end, I'm writing them for me. All right...enough babble. Thanks for stopping. Keep reading and writing. Jeff.

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