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I have just started my poem site after being told I should get my poems out there 2 years ago. I procrastinated because I was scared of..the unknown. Well the unknown does not scare me anymore. If I get scared I can just put pen or pencil to paper. I will be adding poems here every couple of days.  News, a few hours older, and just as happy as before. I'll do my best and get new poetry up to share with you.  Anything you wish to ask just ask. I wish everyone who have read my poems or have shared their wonderful poetry a happy xmas and all the best in 2018- may it come with sweet words and versus to share with all! I am so happy to say that I have made my 1000 milestone on Nov 17, 2017 ( but more precisely was 1012) wow so what is next- guess 1500 hundred then the sky is the limit correct Today November 23 at 10 am I have up to 541 poems read. Each new count is just as amazing as the last one. I wish to thank all people to reading my poems. I love to share and love the feedback! Cheers to all I wish to thank all the poets who have read my poetry and given me feedback! I never thought my poems were that good, but you have said a few of my poems were Excellent! This was so very insipiring and humbling that I broke down and cried happy tears. God bless Sculpted girl poetry Thank you all for being patient for the poetry to come. Here are 6 poems that I have written. I'll update some more very soon. Keep reading and hope you enjoy as I have enjoyed to read and write these words to paper. Tanya Lee Kilroy

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Hello, I am 43 year old mother of twin girls who are now 21. I presently live with the love of my life my dog a black lab and my cat both are old men. I have started writing poetry the last 4 years. I get my inspiration from family and people that I meet.  Many of my poems are sad, but some are very uplifting, some are funny, some are about love and love lost. I love to chanel thoughts to paper, seems to be very therapeutic and a release of sadness and a way to share joy all thru my joy of words. Tanya Lee Kilroy I started this a short time ago...first I was at 1 poem read and then 15.. I was estatic then.. Now I am just a little over 250 and am so excited each time I check in to see my numbers. My goal is a thousand by the end of the year. Come out and check I will be adding a few more each day. I wish for you to come and check the new ones and enjoy the stories and my life with me! Thanks so very much From the bottom of my heart!

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