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**1st April 2011 - I began a collection of poetry for my second book called - "Suffered Skin". Suffered skin will contain a collection of poems, which tells the story of the emotional scars that I have suffered along the journey of my life. **14th MARCH 2011 - My First Book is Published at Lulu.Com - "The Reflection of a Tortured Soul" There is a link to purchase my book on my Home Page. My book is a bargain at only 5.50 I would Like to thank fellow poet, Catherine Inglesby for all of her help & support, without her this book might not have been possible. **7th SEPTEMBER 2009 - MY POETRY GOES PUBLIC!! This is truely exciting that I have shared my poetry with the world and people are actually reading, enjoying it, relating to it and scoring it as excellent. I am truely honoured!! Thank you all soooooooooo much!! Wendy xx

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A LITTLE ABOUT ME: I began writing poetry from a very early age. I found that when I was going through a tough time the pen just led me to paper. The poetry felt like a purge of my soul. I find writing poetry very therapeutic. The oddest thing, is that I cannot choose when to write... All of the poetry on this site has chosen when I write!! This is why I have named the site "The Reflection of a Tortured Soul". When I feel immense emotional pain my poetic flow is in overdrive. I invite you to take a look at the refection of a tortured soul...

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