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 Faculty Of The Mind: By Michael Ssemakula

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Please check back often for newer poems These poems are written for amusement purposes only and for those folks who enjoy poetry in its true free life styled sense. No ill feelings These poems are not written to hurt any one's feelings as in; Political views, Religious beliefs, Traditional affiliations nor to tarnish individual dogmas at any one time. They are inscribed for the times,timings and inspirations as they trod the poetic mind of the writer. And therefore cannot be quoted or used to character assassinate any individual person. The poems cannot be used in any situation whatsoever without the writer's knowledge. Thank you for enjoying my poems as much as I enjoy writing them. You are also welcome to sign the guest book.

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The Poet is an open minded care free thinker. He respects the power of reason, innovation and imagination. He paints the mind in the art-craft of rumination with daily life happenings. Those precious, hard and or sour moments that pass away with times, ignored or otherwise un-noticed. Some have been the loudest cries of our muted hearts and yet, have dared to shape our destiny in a series of disguised blessings. The utmost encrypted experiences that have found no paved way to attract an applause nor to any standing ovations over and there on our most valued tables of Thanksgivings. The tears, bereavements, sick instigations, resentments, bad luck, hard times, influence from wicked personalities, principalities, un-touchables, behind the scenes, deadly covert operations and ill intentions/forces that are never unleashed in those grieving tricky moments of our deepest sorrows. Those had luck times that seem to tag us all the days of our lives; playing short/lengthy flicks of disaster while preying on our current, prospective and future success. And on the other side; The heavily compounded indignations that have long ignited our celebrated relishes. These have most probably been our marked turning points in the dawning of our new days; into green light victories and eminent break th-roughs. The triumphs, stumbling blocks, stone walls and or setbacks in disguise, that have beaten all odds to color our victory flags. But even then; we never find ourselves safe nor courageous enough to freely share out. The powerful serenity imaginations that will apparently never find a fine place to shine in this intricate World. I'm privileged to present you these distilled pages; coined in these paintings of twistfuls; insights and oversights of my imaginations. Those shrouded pages in meaning, running furiously, safe and or unsafely in my mind like a million clips in the making of a long gone movie. These short-lengthy yarns are quite revealing, funny, interesting and happy trailers of discernments running behind the realist's mind. Shall I say that these are the dynamic tangents of our very existence. And some of the very few controlled substantial lines, that will sneak out to book. All Glory and honor goes to: Jesus Christ...My very Personal Savior. Michael Ssemakula.

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