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 The Pains and Cries for Love

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Interview with Tinus Erasmus When did you first start writing? I was about 17 Years old when I wrote my first poem "Soos 'n Kers" to impress a girl which I liked at the time What is your writing process? My poetry mostly just come naturally so I do not have a process other than to Write, read & love it Where do you usually write? Mostly I write while using public transport and sitting in coffee-shops and in parks What is the greatest joy of writing for you? This is a brilliant question as I love writing to touch as many people as possible and perhaps change their views towards life, the greatest joy I receive is the feeling of calmness and that sheer feeling when words just flow What is your e-reading device of choice? My cell phone as it is both portable and useful What inspires you to get out of bed each day? this is where things gets interesting, my day is almost the same every day however each day starts with new opportunities and potentially new memories, just these thoughts are what drives me out of bed but what I truly love in a day is meeting new people, getting new inspiration and to write new poetry of the day's best events as well as expressing the feelings I experienced during the day Who gave you inspiration to write? The famous Leonardo da Vinci Do you remember the first story you ever read, and the impact it had on you? Fallen was the first story I read till the end, I am currently busy with the sequels as this story made me feel the love, joy, thrills and the sadness experienced by the characters, the book gave me a new view upon love and the dedication between two lovers. What do you read for pleasure? The Holy Bible What do your fans mean to you? I do appreciate to hear from my valued fans as this it increases my inspiration to write my next poem, critique as well as compliments are what makes fans so much more appreciated as this helps a writer to see themselves through the eyes of the world When you're not writing, how do you spend your time? Walking through town and visiting friends and Family

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Born in Kempton Park the year was 1992. My very first poem namely "soos 'n kers" was written at age 17, for the simple reason every other guy wants to be able to write poems, to impress a girl. She really stole my heart. That actually didn't work out to good. But the work and tears was not all for nothing, as I discovered that I might actually be a pretty good poet, so I started chasing after a dream which is to try touching as many people as possible with the words in my poetry.

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