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I have self published at six books to date with the seventh in editing process. This is not making me independently wealthy but it is getting my poetry into the hands of people who enjoy it and that makes me very happy and feeling an undeniable amount of accomplishment. So to those of you interested in my work I encourage you to visit my storefront via the link on my home page. Soon To Be Published Articles by Sidney E. Johnson 1)Holy Conflict: Can the Worlds Great Religions Avoid War? 2)God's Peace 3)The Absolute Truth About Christianity

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I inherited the love of poetry from grandfather Earl S. Johnson of whom I am the namesake. His poetry inspired me to write at a young age and I recall bringing one of my first poems to him when I was in about the third grade. The encouragement he gave to me has lasted a lifetime and I am forever indebted to him for that early inspiration. Poetry has always remained at the forefront of my life bringing me much joy. I hope I will do the same for you who visit here. I am a minister of the Gospel in a small rural church where I enjoy teaching God's word. Though I am a Christian I do not consider all my poetry as religious, but certainly of spiritual nature. I try to convey my feelings concerning the things that we experience in life. I want to say something that will encourage and also make anyone who reads my poems, think and find beauty and grace. I enjoy music and love to sing in church with my children and wife Deborah. Recently we started a writers group called, "The Right Writers Group" our goal is to produce wholesome literature for families.

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