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Hmm, lastest news....I am in the POA USTER section at the University of Arizona and majoring in Communications and minoring in Creative Writing. I recently decided that I want to create a book one day with all my poetry in it and hope people can look up to me as a role model, not just another person that writes whenever she is inspired by something as stupid as a piece of bread.

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My pen name that I use is Rose, so I'll go by that. I have been writing since the 7th grade and I am a senior in college. Music has always been a passion for me. I am mostly a lyric poet with strong, deep, emotional poetry. *Remember, each child is sent into this world by God with a unique message to deliver, a new song to sing, a personal act of love to bestow* Ten reasons why you should DATE a girl band player: 1. We're good with our hands. 2. We can tongue real hard. 3. We know a lot of different fingerings and positions. 4. We have developed big lungs, so we can blow for long periods of time. 5. Our lips are used to sucking for hours on end. 6. Blowing is music to our ears. 7. We can play intruments from BIG to SMALL, so no one is left out. 8. It doesn't take us long to get the "air" flowing. 9. We practice almost everday, so our routine is perfect. 10. We know how to please the crowd. ;-)

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