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Like my writings this site tends to be a on going project,as I learn more changes will be made.I have added illustrations and sounds to my site recently which I hope you enjoy.Please leave feedback and sign my guestbook if you care to,I would very much like that .Thanks Tommy Graves 

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I am a native Texan and enjoy writing .I am 60 years old with many experiences to draw from.Ideas come to me at different times and then I expand on them with my writings.Our thoughts and words are what convey who we are and expressing that is what I try to do with my writings.We all have free will so if you feel you want to leave me some of your thoughts about my site please do so,it will be very much appreciated.I hope someone will get some enjoyment from them or they help you in some small way.I want to thank all the fine people who have helped me improve on my writings and site here.Without the feedback and help it would not be possible......Thanks , Tommy

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