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Campaigns and TextAd Formats
How do I get started?
Promote your work with Text Ads by Signing In and selecting the Text Ad or "Advertise / Promote Your Poetry" option from your menu's promote section.
What is CPC?
Gross "Cost Per Click" (CPC) is the gross rate that the advertiser is paying per click.
What is "Status"?
Status is either active or paused.  Active ads are displayed and are available for clicks.  Paused ads are not displayed.  You can change an ad between active or paused by clicking on the [View] option corresponding to the ad.
What is "Times Shown"?
This is the total number of times your ad has been shown to various site users and includes the times the ad has been shown to you.
What is "Times Clicked"?
This is the total number of times your ad has been click.  It includes the the times you have clicked on your ad.  Each time an ad is clicked, your balance is reduced by the click amount of the ad (CPC).
What isn't my ad being shown?
Ads with the highest CPC are shown first.  The top ad listed has a CPC that is higher or equal to all the other ads show.  Ads with a very low Click Rate (CTR) may not be shown as often as ads with higher CTRs.
How can I edit my ad?
You can edit your ad by clicking on the "View" option associated with the ad.  Changes are saved once you click on the "Save Changes" button found on the view screen.
How long will my ad be shown for?
Your ad will be shown until your balance reaches or goes below $0.00.
Occasionally, why do my clicks increase yet my balance remains the same?
We screen each click to see if it is a duplicate click based on reported IP address and destination URL, and do not decrement your balance if we detect a duplicate click within one hour.  This is not a perfect system, yet we feel it gives you reasonable protection against inadvertent duplicated clicks that we all experience at times. 
Occasionally, why do my clicks increase yet impressions remain the same?
We do not record impressions of Ads displayed on third party networks such as google and yahoo. Clicks generated from third party networks are recorded and your balance is reduced.

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