Dreams that hurt

duncan and ceizar chappell Very big welcome to one and all JUST TO LET ALL KNOW ME AND MY CEIZAR ARE NOW TO BE MARRIED SOON IN RIO DE JANEIRO www.PoetryPoem.com/thenightwalker,ceizars dreams Happy Birthday Darling! My love everything that is happening to me is really amazing, because every day that goes by my feeling of pure love is increasing. Your love and your way of loving me overcome me entirely. Today I can say with certainty that I am dependent on your love ...not only today but every day of your life you deserve to be congratulated. Loving you is loving life and through this message to know that I feel security in our relationship. You deserve my love everything good in this world. Congratulations and Happy Birthday! i love you me and my ceizar are and will always be together forever i love you kiss This site is dedicated to my family, friends, and anyone that appreciates life's joys. I hope these pages make you smile, reminisce, and perhaps shed a tear. Please visit often for changes and updates. for please have a look and tell us what you think we are new to the game [ i have one person to thank for me getting my work out to you all] but my life has changed now and I'm so happy i have now found my love ceizar forever in love i will be with her soon in Brazil forever this is now a poetry site for me and my angel of the light ceizar so please read our works we write to each other we are 7000 miles away from each other so its hard for us . and we thank all of our friend and poets on here for seeing our works so far our heart goes out to all of you . SO PLEASE KEEP COMING BACK AGAIN AND AGAIN Don't forget to bookmark this page and thank you for visiting! all we ASK is that you tell us the truth about our poetry works and please leave your id name so we can visit your sites THANK YOU . site opens on the 10Th august 2010 SEE MY CEIZAR I LOVE YOU SO MUCH EU TE AMO YOUR SUNSHINE
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