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Sir Ricky's Inspirational Poetry Corner

Prized Highly

As people who know,

What it means to fear;

Show others to go,

Just how to revere.


God already knows,

Who and what we are;

How our mind flows,

And every scar.


So I hope that you,

Know just what we are;

With spiritual view,

Travelling afar.


I am not trying,

Any credentials;

So stop your crying,

Like some infidels.


But we are giving,

You the very chance;

Since you are living,

So you can advance.


Then you can respond,

All those who are proud;

With wisdom beyond,

Parts you from the crowd.


For their appearance,

And not character;

Gives interference,

As a distracter.


If we were crazy,

It would be for God;

Rather than lazy,

To honor and laud.


Love of Christ will guide,

If you are convinced;

And you will abide,

Iniquity rinsed.


God used Jesus Christ,

To reconcile;

Being sacrificed,

Change our style.

C Copyright © 2015 Richard Newton Sherrer

© sirricky - all rights reserved.

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Prized Highly




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