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Lexophile in motion

Focus on your blessings

Written by, Dean Masciarelli

Musical composition by, Jerry Goldsmith

April 16, 2014

Focus on your blessings
share them with everyone

Instead of your problems

For it is far more healthier
for you and also for me

But do your best to avoid people
who have
nothing but negative things to say

But do continue to be
an example to others

Every single day

Because your actions will
bless you
in every imaginable way

Just wait and see and you will be
surprised at what a
difference it will make in your day

Life as we know it is very short
embrace it and enjoy the journey

For not a one of us
promised another day

That's why it is so
to be one of the few

That will be kind to
your friends and
your family members

And even with people
you may not know
each and every day

Even though some may
not be that kind to you

But do not let that
stop you or even let
it get in your way

Share your blessing
not your problems

For your light will most
surely shine through

(Here is an old Poem called An Irish blessing)

May your troubles be less and
may your blessings be more
and may nothing but
happiness walk through your door

© poet3238 - all rights reserved.

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Focus on your blessings




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