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A Land You Embrace

My Particular
I am captivated and bedeviled by him
My soul has shut down and guard is down
So in love with him and mind is cloudy
He is the one

He is the one I've been waiting for
Our passion is one I will never find again
Every glance into each others eyes
He is one of such yearning and tenderness

He is the one

He is the one encompassing my rapture, my all
Each embrace feels brand new and advanced
So intrigued by his smile and charm
My body has been floating on a cloud

He is the existence of my devotion
My world has just changed
He is one that has ensued my eagerness
and my thrill

He is the one

I can let him have have all of me
without caring if my world crumbles below
My body has become a mass of shivers
Every moment I think of him

Cannot wait to fall right into his arms again
I'd fall without the caring
of where I'll go and what I'm knowing
He is the one

© poetry285 - all rights reserved.

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My Particular




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