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Sir Ricky's Inspirational Poetry Corner

Gone Viral

We always do thank God,

Every one of you;

As we honor and laud,

That He has helped us through.


The Father and the Son,

With the Holy Spirit;

Our God three in one,

Gives what we inherit.


Your faith remains active,

Your love is working hard;

Keeps looking positive,

And remain on your guard.


We will never forget,

For we know God loves you;

And cancels our debt,

Of payment that is due.


Because of the Good News,

We have brought unto you;

Gives you freedom to choose,

As acceptable to do.


It is not only words,

Also power and might;

Like pleasing sound of birds,

Singing within your sight.


You imitated the Lord,

In spite of suffering;

And not to be ignored,

God through His buffering.


For you welcome His Word,

With such a kind of joy;

Like songs when it is heard,

Love that will not destroy.


Your are an example,

For all the believers;

When hearing the Gospel,

As to be receivers.


You must wait for His Son,

To come down from Heaven;

When rescues have begun,

A rebirth been given

Copyright © 2017 Richard Newton Sherrer
© sirricky - all rights reserved.

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Gone Viral




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