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Inhaling Soft Seduction...

Inhaling soft seduction from ruby lips her velvet kisses do tease.
Whispered breaths gently warm and caress her lovers body she'll please.

Honeysuckle scent in long auburn hair cascading over skin warm and bare.
His breaths come quickly now as loves desires they soon will share.

Eyes so soft and deep as she searches to tame the ache from within.
Begging for sweet release as loves sweet glow glistens on rose petal skin.

Oh come to me my love,let the dew from the rose petals succulent and sweet.
Caress you and tenderly envelop you as heated passions of the night meet.

Let and angels loving arms hold you and take you to heavens door tonight.
As love softly plants it's seed as two lovers shadows sway to the candlelight.
© tots - all rights reserved.

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Inhaling Soft Seduction...




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