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On your birthday
On your birthday What my present could be
I would in Eden's garden follow bees
Steal from them the rarest honey could be
But from your lips comes a taste can t find'n bees

On your birthday of what gift I could dream
I would make clouds like a ship on a stream
And in your pretty fresh eyes dive and swim
I wish if I could fill the world with joy screams

On your birthday What precious gem I could bring
A rare necklace or in finguer a ring
But none jewel can dare on your chest swing
Afraid to be compared to your eye's blink

On your birthday I'll make birds chirp for you
Like heaven's angels I'll drive them to you
I'll ask sun and her lovely groom the moon
To save their beauty and just shine for you

Copyright Fares nemer kfoury

© fkfoury - all rights reserved.

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On your birthday




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