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Sir Ricky's Inspirational Poetry Corner


How much better to gain,
Wisdom than having gold;
For pride can be a pain,
Being brazen and bold.
Gaining understanding,
Is better than silver;
If you are demanding,
Declared as the winner.
The ones with pride will boast,
Arrogance will prevail;
Take command as the host,
With rudeness to detail.
The roads of good people,
Detours around evil;
Since knowing the Gospel,
Will avoid the devil.
Whoever looks his way,
Will preserve his own life;
As he trusts to obey,
Will be avoiding strife.
Arrogant attitudes,
Precedes a disaster;
Will fall for being rude,
Trying to be master.
Better to be humble,
With your lowly brother;
Than to gripe and grumble,
Alone with no other.
So why share stolen goods,
Knowing they are not yours;
And that a bunch of hoods,
Take then feed you to boars.
If you give attention,
To the Word of the Lord;
Assures your ascension,
To Heaven and reward.

Copyright © 2014 Richard Newton Sherrer

© sirricky - all rights reserved.

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