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  If Only I ....



If I could look you in the eye and take hold of your hand,
Would all the doubts and fears subside,
Would you somehow understand?

That I have never walked away from what we should have shared,
The years of sweet contentment,
If only we had dared,

Speak out and let the feelings deep and desperate be known,
Throughout the years of longing,
How the emptiness has grown,

If we could just reverse the tides that kept us far apart,
Instead we let them sweep away,
The secrets of the heart,

I gaze into the distance perchance to find you there,
I wonder if you feel the same,
Did you ever really care?

Today, I need to let you know my love for you was real,
If only I could touch you now,
And tell you how I feel.

Linda Stuart Harnett, © 2011



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If Only I ....




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