Poet 11586

Captivating song

The images in my dreams are so captivating to me
Because I see them very clear in my head
and I vision my dream to be of a very different place
That I never set my foot in it
But I remember seeing the ocean and in the middle of this lake there was a
Castle with iron gates and stained glass windows
The garden of this castle was very huge
And in the garden they had olive trees and all kinds of herbs in one side
Onthe north side of the garden they planted their fresh vegetables
To tell you the truth I don't know who owns this castle.
But in the balcony of that castle I could see a girl throwing flowers into the
Sea and ashes maybe of her beloved husband or her beloved mother
It was hard for me to tell or know
But the dreams had been good
And I wished that I could be in the dreams with that beautiful women in
Order to comsole her