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Make (of)  Me A Snow Angel


I made a snow angel
for your heart
you looked the other way
you're getting better at that
getting better at it each and every day

you're the engine that could
run away
from it all

I've got my snow suit on
and you're sitting in your chair
moping inside
the king at the computer
talking to the world
you do have your powers

I play hand puppets with the shadows
in the fading light on the walls of our bedroom
I am ready to go outside
play hide and seek
do anything

I'd cut my hair off so you would notice me
(would I?)
so I could be your pixie girl
so you might think I could change the world

the snow globe has tipped over
I think there's a crack in it
I think it might break
the swing set inside it is moving back and forth
like there is going to be an earthquake

or maybe another heart attack
when are you coming back
or are you taking off again
even when you are here
you never seem to be
when will you come out to play
when will your heart stay
with me

I am getting tired of
I think, boy
you need to turn the globe around
shake things up

start making snow flakes

I think
you need to find some boots
a snow suit

there's only one way out of this
you know it

get your butt out the front door
lay down on the floor like it
was the ground
and make

your own snow angel

I don't care if it is


Copyright September 9 2014
A reworking from a poem started earlier in mid July
All Rights reserved by this Author
Meloo Straight From Her Tilt-a-World
Melissa A Howells/ all rants/poetry/prose/dreams/ideas
are the sole legal property of this writer

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