Poet 11586


I burn my past
The blood that is running from my cut
I drink it
Like a  devil in the dark
What devil am I?
The Gothic devil
I survive drinking my own blood
I have no shane Anymore
Iam the Gothic devil
With a few words my heart is torn and in pain
Because there is a cut in my heart
All the lies I told to everyone
Now flash in my eyes
What once was my good life now remain in ashes
My tainted ashes of love only feed the ashes
Of all lies
Blown in the wind to seek me to die
Under the sweet flowers I lay myself to sleep
I have grown old
I have grown weak
Because all the blood is running out of my heart that is cut
Nobody will stop the blood from running
The sun still shines where I lay under the sweet flowers
My life is now immortal
I am going soon
I am feeling more dizzy and weak each hour
Death is approaching me fast
This time I don't fear death
I accept it
Hurting other people was my sin
And not telling the truth was my second sin
All the things that I've done raise question in my head
I don't do everthing perfect
Why should I do?
Yes I can change my thinking
But I think I still have time for  that
I still have time to say forgiveness
Before I go to my new home now to die
The hour arrived
I take one more look around where I am
I say good bye to mother earth
I shut my eyes
And now I feel myself going through a deep sleep
My breathing has stopped
Now the Gothic devil is dead and the Gothic devil is me
Nothing I can see or feel
It was a wonderful day to die
It was a perfect time
Now I just lay frozen like a stone beneath the sweet flowers where I once stood
Someone carried me, the gothic devil
And buried me in the cemetery
My body is there
But myspirit is in haven