Poet 11586

I'll be there during the night

I'll be there during the night
Watching you sleep in your own bed
And during the day I will walk with you
I will take care of you my child
Because you can't take care of yourself
But at night I will return again
And spend the night with you
I love you my child
And you will always be loved by me
Your loved ones will live
Day to day on earth
You will not loose them
I will let the stars and the moon
Shine in the sky
You don't have to worry about the
Dark clouds in the sky
Because there will always be sun for you
I will give you life everyday
So that you can live it
The way you choose to
It is hard not to be judgemental about yourself
I understand it
If I bring the rain it won't last all
Day my child
Your self esteem is low now
But slowly you can built it up
Yes you let me down so many times
But I forgive you my child
You have abandom me my child
Because you never came back
Into my house anymore
And you live in your own little world
It must feel lonely some times living in your own little world
I know you work hard writing your poems
For me
And I appreciate it very much
But you don't sleep enough
That is what worries me the most
I wish that you took better care
Of your health my child
Because you can't live without your health
I wish that you took better care of your eyes
Because you have diabetes
And you could loose your vision if you don't
Take care of your eyes
I wish that you would take good care of your teeth
Because if not you will end up with cavities
And even loose them
I will get rid of your depression for you
And you will never feel depressed again
I will give your health
So you can be strong each day
You need to pray more often
For peace
You need to trust that you can do
Well the things that you do
And if you make a mistake
Don't give up
Just try again
Or fix it
If you ever feel sad
Just cry
Let your tears fall
If you feel like laughing
Because laughter is the bes medicine there is
If you ever get angry
Stop what you are doing
Take a deep breath
If you ever feel like dreaming
Dream all you want
Because dreaming is like breathing
My child
Always believe
That you are beautiful and handsome
Because I made you
In my image with my holy hands
And when you are sick
I will take care of you also